Jacinda Ardern Selfie
Source: Stuff.co.nz

Jacinda Ardern violates the social distancing rule that she set for the people. During the election campaign, Ardern was seen taking selfies with a group of supporters. They were neither following social distancing nor wearing masks.

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This comes as a huge debate in election-bound New Zealand. The opposition has criticized her for strict lockdown rules. They accused her of destroying the economy. New Zealand is officially in recession. The lockdown has mainly to blame. However, Prime Minister Ardern said she believes in the capability of the country’s recovery.

Jacinda Ardern violates Social distancing rule

Prime Minister has apologized for violating the rule. She said that she should have been more careful while taking the selfie. However, the opposition is not ready to take that as an excuse.

Judith Collins, the opposition leader from National Party said that it was staggering to see the prime minister violating the rule. She accused that she was not worried about the people around her and said she was not concerned about it.

Political leaders of other parties are furious about her behavior. They say that the economy and hospitality industry are in shatters because of her rules. She then comes out and violates it.

Many others questioned whether she is part of the five million people of New Zealand as she asked everyone to follow the rules.

A leader should lead by example. Jacinda Ardern has done that most of the time. However, this time, she could not set an example.

She is hoping to form a government on her own in the upcoming October election. However, the opposition is not willing to leave the ground just yet.

How costly is this selfie going to be for her? Well, only time can tell.