Who doesn’t know J K Rowling and her Harry Potter Series? There are billions of fans for her books and more for the movies that were made by the Warner Bros. The British Author like her fans mostly remains in the world of the wizards even after she has completed the book. She is now one of the richest authors and one of the most popular as well.

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However, on May 2, she decided to write an apology to her fans. Yes, she did it for killing Professor Severus Snape. This character was played under a negative shed throughout the novel. However, during his death, the author revealed that how he was protecting Harry Potter since the first day he came to Hogwarts. The character was one of the most favourites for the fans. It was very popular in the movie as well. The role was played by Alan Rickman. However, he also, unfortunately, passed away in 2016. J K Rowling has revealed before how she felt while killing the characters in her novel.

Remus Lupin was another character that was one of the favourites for the fans but the character was killed during the Battle of Hogwarts. Fred Wisely, the brother of Ron Wisely was also killed by the author. She has previously admitted that how low she felt while writing the end of these characters. She even revealed once that she cried while writing the end of Remus Lupin.

Her apology for killing Snape may give the Snape fans some relief at least.