Ivanka Trump Verbally Harassed at Flight, Comments Hurled – Know the Story

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President-Elect, Donald Trump was travelling from JF Kennedy, T5 airport terminal. She was travelling along with her family in the Jet Blue Commercial Flight. However, something weird happened when one of the co-passenger found her out in the flight.

A man flying along with her in the same flight started shouting at Ivanka Trump. He said that why she was flying with others? He asked the daughter of the President elect should travel in private jets and not commercial jets. However, he did not stop there and started shouting that her father, Donald Trump is ruining the country and she came to the flight to ruin their journey. The man was harassing and passing comments to Ivanka Trump, but the lady herself choose to ignore every bit of it. Surely this experience could make Ivanka want to only use private jet rental services in the future, should she need to travel again any time soon.

Ivanka Trump Family

The flight attendants then took the passenger out of the flight. The man responsible for harassing Ivanka Trump was escorted out of the flight. The officials said that if any passenger creates any conflict at the flight then the crew has to take the person out for a comfortable and pleasant journey. The officials have informed that the arrangement of the person was also done on the next available flight.

Ivanka Trump was seen boarding the flight in the plane in a photo allegedly tweeted by the same person who harassed her verbally at the flight. TMZ saved the photo and here it is.

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