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Ivanka Trump, the first daughter of the United States of America, is a proud mother. Well, she has time and again shown her commitments and dedications towards her kids. However, she is very proud of her kids as well. Recently, she expressed how proud she is when her son and daughter performed in front of the Chinese President Xi Jinping and his first lady Ping Liyuan.

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Ivanka came with her kids Arabella and Joseph to the estate Mar-a-Lago where the Chinese Premier came to meet the US President Donald Trump first up. The first lady, Melania Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were also present. The kids performed to serenade the Chinese President and the first lady of China.

The news broke out first by the Chinese Media. However, Ivanka Trump later put a video on her Social media and expressed her feelings that how proud she is of her kids. Well, every mother has a special bond with her kids and there is no reason she should not be proud of.

The cute kids of her looked absolutely stunning as they were shaking hands with the President Xi Jinping. Ivanka is really a proud mother and why she should not be? She has trained her kids very well to perform in front of one of the mightiest leaders of the world.

Look at her Instagram post that she has shared from the Mar-a-Lago estate. This is the cutest thing that you will see today.