Ivanka Trump Perfume is getting sold like crazy in the market. Amazon has reported high sales of the many Ivanka Trump Perfumes listed on the website. Some buyers have also left some political comments for buying or not buying the perfume. However, the overall response is very positive despite a call for a boycott.

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There are groups of people who have appealed for the overall boycott of the Ivanka Trump products. Well, these people are obviously Anti-Trump and they feel that hurting the brand name Trump in the field of business would yield some good results. Well, Mr. Donald Trump was elected to be the President of the United States of America and his daughter accompanied him almost everywhere. She is often considered the power behind the Trump Presidency. In such a case, it is very obvious that she would have support in the country.

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The Boycott for Ivanka Trump products started but before it can make headlines, the Ivanka Trump Perfume outperformed the sales. The reports suggest that the other Ivanka Trump products have also performed well and people are buying just to fail the boycott believe experts. The cost range of the products most sold is between $15 to $25. There are retailers like Nordstrom that are pulling off the Ivanka Trump products, some are trying to hide from the customers as well, but will Ivanka Trump fail?

Well, the trend and the market graph show that boycott has till now zero impact. In fact, it has only increased the sales.