ISRO Scramjet Engine Propulsion created history after the Indian Space Research Organization successfully tested it at Sriharikota. But why it is important and how it is going to make the difference? The ISRO Scramjet is going to be a game changer for the space research in India and for Indian Economy as well.

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What is ISRO Scramjet?

This is an engine that uses the atmospheric oxygen to burn the engine fuel. In a conventional jet, both engine fuel and oxidizer are used. The regenerative thermal oxidizers burns the engine fuel that helps the rocket to gain speed and produce more energy, especially in Supersonic speed in the atmospheric conditions of the earth. However, the scramjet can now use the atmospheric oxygen by compressing it with the Air Breathing Propulsion System Technology. The fuel that is ideally the liquid hydrogen will be burnt with this. In the test on Sunday, ISRO ignited the scramjet engines for around 55 seconds and the engine were tested for around 6 seconds. According to the scientists, the most difficult part is to ignite and if it sustains 5 seconds, then it sustains even 1000 seconds as well.

Why is it useful?

The prime reason is that it can bring down the launching cost by a considerable amount. The second important point is that without the oxidizer the vehicle will be very light and more pay loads can be used before putting it into the orbit in the space. This can be redefining for the space research in India and in the world. ISRO can use it for the Reusable Launch Vehicle. The next test of the ISRO scramjet will be on the RLV and on the landing.

How can Scramjet help Indian Economy?

ISRO is already known as one of space research that launches vehicle into space with minimum cost. Even NASA has launched its vehicles from ISRO recently. But the Scramjet can eventually put India as the second country to demonstrate the technology after NASA of the United States. The research of China, Russia and other countries on the same technology is on very primary stage. It is understood the cost of ISRO for RLV or rocket launch using Scramjet will be much lesser than NASA as well. So, the frequency of launching vehicles for other countries is going to be increased by a considerable amount.

ISRO is leading India to a position where the country can take pride for the Space Research. The successful test of ISRO Scramjet is another step ahead.

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