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ISRO 104 Satellite Launch on Wednesday has put another feather in the hat of the Indian Space Research. The satellite launch is not only record breaking in terms of numbers of the satellite launched but there is other aspects that make it incredible and achievement.

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Most of the satellites launched as part of the ISRO 104 Satellite Launch were under 10 Kg in weight. These needed to be integrated well and launched in the space, However, these were two of the most difficult tasks for ISRO. Integration was done keeping each and every detail in mind. Also, the toughest task was to ensure that the satellites do not collide with each other in the space. Whenever such a big numbers of satellites are launched together, this becomes the biggest risk factor. However, the scientists did their homework well and ISRO has already become an expert in launching multiple satellites in the space. The integration was so good that none of the satellite collided and each one of them was placed respectively in the orbit.

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ISRO has now taken its reputation even higher in the world and has showcased that there is hardly any other Space research in the world that can achieve the feats so easily that it can. Good wishes are pouring in for the Indian Space Research Organization, but the feat becomes an achievement after understanding the risks and the factors of the ISRO 104 Satellite Launch even more closely.