US Embassy inauguration in Jerusalem
Source: EPA

US Embassy inauguration in Jerusalem was palled by the blood on the border of Israel and Gaza. Protesters gathered near the border to protest and put fire on the tires. But the large smoke was followed by the firebombs and stones into the Israel side of the border. There was no mercy for that and the border forces shot down three Palestinians who were allegedly planting bombs. After that 55 people have been killed and 772 more have been injured in the attack from Israel.

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Yes, the morality of the attack has been questioned again and rightly so. However, the Hamas led protest allegedly gone violent and the Israeli forces were under attack. The list of killed even include minors and that can leave anyone heart wrenched. However, the conflict is not new and this has been debated over and over throughout. But the timing of it may be really worrisome. Israel was in the festive mood after the Jerusalem embassy was open, but the attack marred the celebrations.

US Embassy inauguration in Jerusalem is considered to be historic for Israel. But the history of Israel shows that never had they tolerated anything in the border especially from the Hamas. The bloodshed stopped after the truce in 2014 but this can further escalate the situation.

Hamas has started the border protest since March and so far death toll has reached 83. There is, however, no plan whatsoever to stop the protest. On the other hand, the Israel force said that the attempts of the Hamas will be futile to break the fence. Hamas wants to take the Israel land which they consider in an illegal procession of the Israel country.