Islamic State threat to India has been issued as per the reports from the US media.  The reports suggest that the United States Embassy has also issued a warning to the citizens in India. However, the warning is of not regarding travel but to be cautious and alarmed. The media reports suggest that the Islamic State is targeting Indian locations. The most common targets could be religious places, crowded places, and foreign nationals. The security in India is already on alarming high and this could further tighten the security in the country.

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The Worldwide Caution has mentioned about the Islamic State threat to India and US citizen directly or indirectly. There are many Islamic Insurgents that target India for the terror activities mainly originating from neighbouring country Pakistan. The State has warned the US Citizens about the possible threats and asked them to stay alerted.

Islamic State threat to India is the fresh warning from the State Department. There are primarily three warnings that are issued by State Department. The first is Travel Warning that is issued by the department to reconsider to travel the country. The next is the Travel Alert; this is a short term warning majorly for the rough weather condition. However, the Worldwide Caution is just to be alert in the travelling country and this time the reason is Islamic State.

Islamic State, on the other hand, is losing the battle in Mosul in Iraq as the security forces are closing in on the biggest city in Iraq.

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