ISIS Terrorists in India: Bangladesh has released photos of ten suspected terrorists and has shared the photos with the Indian government. Bangladesh intelligence agencies have suspected that around ten ISIS terrorists have entered India through Bangladesh borders in order to carry terror attacks. Since the Bangladesh attack last week, the Indian agencies are on high alert, especially in border areas. However, the news of infiltration is giving headaches to the security agencies.

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Bangladesh security forces have also claimed that those ten terrorists infiltrated Indian Territory might have been involved in Bakery attack in Dhaka. Security agencies have asked the citizen to be alert and report if any of these militants are located in Bengal or Assam.

Photos of ISIS terrorists in India

ISIS Terrorists in India


ISIS terrorists in India are planning to carry Dhaka styled attack. With the increased outspread of terror outfits in Bangladesh, Indian borders have become vulnerable to the militants. After terrorizing Bangladesh, ISIS is planning to attack India. Earlier in a video clip, ISIS has warned India to be ready to experience such brutal terrorist attacks.

As per defense experts, Islamic States is trying hard to spread its network outside the Middle East and for them, Bangladesh is strategically good as from there ISIS can carry terror attacks on India. As per reports, ISIS terrorists in India can target crowded public places to target civilians and cause maximum casualties.

The Indian government is cooperating with Bangladesh authorities to locate ISIS terrorists in India. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has already issued a high alert in states sharing borders with Bangladesh. Along with the government, the citizens are also asked to remain vigilant.

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