ISIS burnt alive Yazidi girls for refusing to be sex slaves have been reported worldwide. The brutal and inhuman act has made billions heart cry. The innocent girls who were held captive from various parts of Kurdistan in Iraq were burnt in front of hundreds of people in the self-proclaimed caliphate of Islamic State. However, their brutality is nothing new and if the Human Rights Watch is closely followed, then it becomes clear that ISIS has not left any barbaric act since it has captured the lion parts of Iraq and Syria.

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Human Rights Report suggests that the barbaric group of Wahhabism in Islam has executed many people so far. They held almost 3500 young Yazidi girls captive and they all have gone through demonic and barbaric torture. According to the Human Rights report, it can be called as Genocide on the Yazidis. If the reports are to be believed, scores of men from the Yazidis have been killed.

But is that it? Well, the non-governmental Human rights have indicated that the ISIS have sold, bought, tortured, raped and snatched their kids from the Yazidis to report the least from the barbaric act. The militants have turned to their own fellows as well. Recently it was reported that IS executed 25 of their soldiers for losing battleground to the opposition. There have been reports of killing of militants for spying or the suspicion of the same.

ISIS is a curse for the mankind not only for the Yazidis, but they are the worst victim. The long operation has succeeded to take back some of the portions from the IS but the misery of the girls haven’t really reduced. It is a high time when the entire world comes together to remove it from the very ground. If not now then perhaps there would no reason to fight against evil in the world.