Vijay Mallya scared of Arun Jaitley? Well that can be reported as the liquid Baron has come with new proposal days after Arun Jaitely warned him to pay the due. Businessman and liquor baron Vijay Mallya proposed to repay INR 4000 crores to the consortium of banks, headed by State Bank of India. Mallya offered to pay the sum of money by September this year. United Breweries (Holdings) Ltd and Kingfisher Finvest (India) Ltd also submitted the proposal of repayment along with Vijay Mallya. But is it because Vijay Mallya scared of Arun Jaitley?

Is Vijay Mallya scared of Arun Jaitley?

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As per sources close to the king of good times, Mallya proposed to repay INR 2000 crores upfront and remaining 2000 crores to be paid by September. The offer was made by C S Vaidyanathan, counsel of Vijay Mallya in Supreme Court. However, his lawyer Vaidyanathan kept silent on being asked about his return to the country from London.

Supreme Court gave time till 7th of April to Consortium of banks to decide on the proposal offered by Vijay Mallya. Today, during the court hearing, Liquor king Vijay Mallya accused media of running trial against him. Mallya earlier tweeted that, “I am not absconding, I will return in the country when the time will be appropriate”. He also urged the banks to give a fair chance so that he can settle the dispute over loan amount.

On 9th, March government informed the Supreme Court that Vijay Mallya has left the country while he had to payback sum of 9000 crores t the consortium of banks. Earlier, State bank of India went ahead to file a legal notice against Mallya asking the apex court to freeze his passport.

Amidst the controversy, Vijay Mallya pleaded not to drag his son Siddharth Mallya in the brawl. In a series of tweets, Mallya requested everyone that “Slam me if you want, but please do not drag my son in all this matter. He does not have any connection with my business, please do not abuse him instead abuse me.”

The further course of action will be clear after the bank’s decision now. Arun Jaitely warned him few days back to pay back the dues respectfully else Stern action will be taken. But the question remains is Vijay Mallya scared of Arun Jaitley?