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JeM is back on the world headlines. A crucial decision to designate him as Global Terrorist is a few hours away at UNSC Meeting. The United States has already made it very clear that any decision against it would dampen regional security and peace. Britain, The United States, and France, permanent members of the United Nations Security Councils have moved a resolution against him. However, the question is will China allow it? In several other occasions, when the world wanted Masood Azhar to be designated as Global Terrorist, China used the veto power to stop. China has always maintained that there isn’t significant evidence against him. The all-weather ally of Pakistan, which harbor Azhar’s ill intentions, has, therefore, remained a blockade.

The US has however argued that China must act wisely and help the world designate the dangerous Masood Azhar, as a global terrorist. The resolution was passed after JeM claimed the responsibility of the suicide attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama, Jammu, and Kashmir. 44 CRPF soldiers were martyred. As a result of it, both the countries came on the verge of war. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has already admitted that Azhar is in Pakistan. He, however, termed him “Very Very Sick”. On the other hand, as per an India Today report, JeM is fundraising openly in Pakistan with Newspaper ads.

Masood Azhar is responsible for many of terror attacks in India. The attack on the J&K Assembly, Indian parliament, Pathankot, Uri and now in Pulwama. India has already carried out an airstrike deep in Balakot, Pakistan, and destroyed the training facilities of JeM. It is believed that many terrorists were killed during the operation which leads to high tensions between India and Pakistan.

This is probably the last chance for China to show some maturity. If China continues to block Azhar’s global terrorist’s tag, then it can be said, China is equally responsible for harboring terrorists in Pakistan.