Is Pakistan to punish 2008 mastermind Lakhvi? Well, after all, the trails of the session court and the statements, the Anti-Terrorism Court has ruled that all the seven suspects of the Mumbai Attacks in November 2008. Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Court has said that LeT Operations Commander Zaki-Ur-Rahman Lakhvi and six others will be tried for the abetment and aiding murder of 166 people in Mumbai attacks.

Pakistan to Punish 2008 Mastermind Lakhvi?

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Prosecution approached the ATC, Islamabad and appealed for the changes of charges for all the seven people. The prosecution requested that abetment of murder should be added in this case for the carnage that took the life of 166 people in Mumbai in 2008. The court reserved the order last year and the argument of the prosecution and defense continued. However, the case has not seen much progress in past. India has always blamed Pakistan for delaying the case as there were no proceedings in the court for this case in last 7 hearings. The next date of hearing is on May 25 and the proceedings may be seen after the new and serious charges have been applied. However, Pakistan has always blamed India for the delay. The prosecution says that post-mortem reports from India are required. Also, the witnesses have to be sent to Pakistan for verifying the statements.

Is Modi Pressure Working?

Last year, when Lakhvi was freed from the jail in Rawalpindi, the Indian Government led by Narendra Modi showed the fierce opposition of it. Indian Government clearly said that Pakistan does not intend to punish or act against the terrorists that target India. Well, terrorism is an issue that has haunted Pakistan for years after years. It is not only India but the international community has started pushing pressure on Pakistan. Maybe the pressure from Modi Government or the International Community is working. Pakistan to punish 2008 Mastermind Lakhvi may not sound very familiar but the charges framed against him are serious now. It will be interesting to see the response of the hearing on May 25 in the Mumbai Terror Attack Case in Anti-Terrorist Court.