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Coronavirus is airborne, that is what the CDC told in the new guidelines. It said that the coronavirus can spread from person to person on small aerosolized droplets. It can spread through the air and through big particles. However, the CDC has now removed the guidelines.

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The Center for Disease Control posted the draft on the website that coronavirus can spread beyond 6 feet. However, it has now removed the guideline on Monday. It has even publicly admitted that it was a mistake.

The agency said that it was posted without proper in-house review.

The agency said in a statement that,

“We are reviewing our process and tightening criteria for review of all guidance and updates before they are posted to the CDC website.”

Is Coronavirus airborne?

The agency is updating the recommendations regarding the airborne transmission of COVID19 or SARS-CoV-2 virus. Once ready, it will be updated again on the website.

However, the stance on airborne particles remains the same. It spreads through aerosolized particles when someone coughs or sneezes. However, the point of debate is the distance it can cover. In the draft post, which is now removed, it said that it can travel beyond 6-foot. If that can officially be adopted, the social distancing guidelines can change drastically.

This is even more important now as the countries around the world are easing down the lockdown. In the US, the reopening of schools is being discussed. If it can travel more than 6 feet, then the mitigation steps need to be reassessed.