Irrfan Khan Ramzan ROw

Irrfan Khan Ramzan Row has taken many turns of events. Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan has reportedly stirred a controversy with his remarks on Ramzan fasts and Qurbani. Yesterday evening while promoting his upcoming movie ‘Madaari’, the 49 years old talented actor was asked by a journalist about the importance of Ramzan fasting and the real concept of Qurbani. The actor said that “In recent times, we have forgotten the actual meaning of sacrifice ritual known as ‘Qurbani’”. The actor went ahead to mention that, Today peopWle are more involved in buying goats from the market and then slaying them in the name of religion whereas the actual meaning of ‘Qurbani’ is to sacrifice something dear to your heart.

Irrfan Khan Ramzan Row

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“We have made tamasha of such pious religious rituals out of our ignorance”, added the actor as Irrfan Khan Ramzan Row sparked controversy. The actor also added that Muharram was meant for mourning but we have started taking out huge processions. Irrfan Khan also mentioned that he is disappointed with the fact that none of the Muslim leadership condemns terrorism out rightly.

After the actor gave the statements related to religious rituals, the Muslim clerics demanded a public apology from the actor stating that Irrfan Khan must focus on his acting career rather than talk about Islam about which he has limited knowledge. However, the talented actor quickly took to Twitter to add that he is bothered about what Muslim clerics thinks about him. The actor twitted that “Those who are condemning my statement are either not ready for self-introspection or they are in a hurry to reach a conclusion”.

The actor’s latest tweet claims that he is not worried about clerical criticism against him. Irrfan Khan also mentioned that he is  relieved by the fact that he resides in the country which is not governed by religious leaders.

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