Irom Sharmila speaks after breaking the world’s longest hunger strike. But she said is heart breaking. After continuing her fight for 16 years, her own people are giving up on her.

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Irom Sharmila speaks and her grief can be understood from her voice. She intended to join politics and change the course of Manipur. But she may be reconsidering her thoughts. She said that all she wants is dignity and peace but others want her to be martyr. She gave up her fast and intended to marry but she has been opposed by her family and supporters.

Presently, she does not have a place to stay and all her sacrifices are slowly getting degraded. The only reason behind it is she did want to die. Well, the people for whom she fought weren’t rejoiced and there cannot anything more disappointing. She struggled to remove AFSPA from Manipur but her condition is even worse now.

As Irom Sharmila speaks, the entire issue of sacrifices and struggle diminished. Should not she live a happy life? Can’t she take political course? Well, her own people want her to be martyr nothing else.

This is based on her interview given to CNN News 18.

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