Iran Earthquake
Credit Tasnim News Agency Reuters

Iran Iraq Earthquake has turned the western border of the countries into a rabble.
Thousands of relatives are mourning for the victims, people are crying for their lost homes and injured are dealing with severe pain, all because of a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. The strongest quake in Iran in the last decade has left at least 421 dead so far and many are still believed to be under the rubble. However, the official news agency said that rescue operation is nearing the end.

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The epicenter of the Iran Iraq earthquake was Ezgeleh which is around 135 miles away from Iraq capital Baghdad. The toll of the injured is more than 6000 if the official figures are to be believed. Pol-e-Zahab a city on the Iranian side is the most affected and at least 236 people were killed by the devastating earthquake. The houses made under the low-income group policies were grounded by the strong quake.

The photos released by various agencies depict a horrible picture of the damage. Even though the quake hit the border but the damage was most in the Iranian part. The Iraqi part did not see huge damages but at least 25 people were killed there as well.
The rescue operation is in full swing. The people have a complaint about lack of adequate help in the hour of crisis. However, the Government agencies are trying to reach out the affected in the region.

This is the worst Iranian earthquake since 2003 when the city of Bam was rabbled and more than 20,000 people were killed.
Here are the photos from the affected area. The photos have been collected from various news agencies and we do not claim any copyright over them.