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Iran Air Crash has reportedly left all the 65 people dead in one of the most deadly air accidents in the recent time. Aseman Airlines ATR -72 was very close to its destination of Yasuj, in the foothills of the Zagros Mountain. The flight took off from Tehran, around 500 miles from the destination. The Airlines has confirmed that there were 59 passengers and 6 crew members. All the passengers have reportedly crashed to death. The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani have offered condolences for the victims.

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The death has triggered the age-old controversy again for the Iran Airlines. Iran Air Crash is a way too common for the aviation in recent times. However, it is not very sure that what has caused the crash but many speculations have already floating around.

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Age Old Aircrafts

The ATR-72 that met the unfortunate end was grounded for almost 7 years before it was made operational again. It is not sure what caused it to be grounded. However, the malfunction can be a reason for the crash. Iran has long battled aged aircraft due to the Western Sanctions. However, the breakthrough Nuclear Deal with the US in 2015 has paved way for modernization of the Iran Aircrafts.

Extreme Weather

The extreme weather of Zagros Mountain might have triggered the crash. The snow, dense fog and very low visibility could have been a reason. The mountain range is almost 14500 feet high and the flight was reportedly flying at around 16,000 when it was still in contact. However, after it went down, even rescue operations are hit. The locals also reportedly heard of the bang, but none could reach the crash site so far.

Technical Fault

This could be a possible reason for the crash as well. However, a detailed investigation should be carried out to determine the exact the reason for the crash.

But, overall, the Iran Air Crash of ATR-72 should be the combination of all three reasons.

The Asian Herald expresses condolences, thoughts, and Prayers for the Crew Members and Passengers who lost their lives in the crash.