Internet Photos on Google will no longer be available on the Google. The Search Engine Giant confirmed that the free photos that used to come as “Save Image As” after clicking the “View Photo” will no longer be supported. Instead, the photo will take you to the website where the photo has been uploaded. This has been done to protect the Copyright claims of the photos. This would also help the websites to monetize and keep their interest intact.

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The move came from Google to protect the interest of the websites. However, this was not expected at all, even though demanded for a long time. The websites that host those photos lost many revenues and people used to download the photos directly from Google. This also used to hurt the copyright infringement chances. However, in order to ensure that the websites do not lose out money or visitors or copyright, Google has now become stricter.

So, previously when someone used to get new Wallpaper with a stroke of the click from Internet Photos, now needs to visit the webpage to get that. The website can now control the copyright of the image. Some websites do not give access to the users to download the photos to protect the copyright claims. However, the same photos can be found in Google and that can be saved on the desktop. This would be a history now.

However, the photos that are free to use can still be download from the website instead of Google.