Instagram Stalkers of Priyanka Chopra – You have a message from her

Instagram Stalkers of Priyanka Chopra may get surprised to get a message from her. Yes, she is very aware of the fact that a huge number of fans stalks her on social media and interestingly she is very keen on it as well. During her short stay in Mumbai, Priyanka revealed that she knows that many of her fans stalk her on Instagram and she actually keeps a track of it. She checks her stories and updates to see how many have read her status. Well, she is very okay with it and in fact, she giggled to say that she likes it. So, you have great news Instagram Stalkers of Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra came to India for a short time and attended the much anticipated Viriushka Reception as well. However, she spent her New Year 2018 in London with her family. The Bollywood turned Hollywood actress has two upcoming movies in her kitty in this year and both are Hollywood movies. A Kid Like Jake and Isn’t it Romantic, are her two big releases in 2018.

From the personal front, Priyanka said that she would love to get married. However, she hasn’t found someone as of now. She also revealed that her mother wants to get her married to someone who recognizes and appreciates her hard work. In fact, she told that she wants to get married and have a cricket team of her children.

Well, her mother does have a point, but as of now, our own Desi Girl might focus on her Hollywood career. She is also producing movies in India, but we may not see her in Bollywood movie for some time now.