Instagram Filter just like Snapchat has finally been introduced to woo the millions of users. The filters would now add the value to the users. In all possibilities, it looks that Facebook is ready with the war against the Snapchat.

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Instagram, a part of the Facebook has gone aggressively to dismantle the Snapchat and it has made progress as well. The new Instagram Filter feature would have eight different face filters for the users. Instagram now has around 200 million active users, with many of these users finding ways to obtain free instagram followers that make their profile appear exceedingly large. There are lots of different ways that users can obtain these followers, but the most popular and arguably most successful way is by using a growth platform like nitreo. Some people are concerned and have been wondering ‘is nitreo legit?’, but according to reviews it is – so rest assured that its safe to use if you want more followers.

So, if you are quite okay with the Snapchat filters then Instagram would be a good choice for you as well. However, this is not the only thing that Instagram is trying to compete with Snapchat to take over the royal place in the market. As per the reports, Instagram is also planning to introduce the local stories or the stories as per the geographical area just like Snapchat. Instagram are also in talks of eventually developing a phone application to support Instagram direct messages, for now, people use third-party desktop versions such as this instagram messenger for example. This would be the direct war with Facebook and Snapchat for supremacy.

The Instagram 10.21 version is available for both the IOS and Android version. So, if you have not yet checked the different face filters of the Instagram, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and upgrade to the latest version.

It will be interesting to see the further update of Snapchat and Instagram to stay relevant in the competition for the Photo App Supremacy.