Infosys Techie Raghavendran Ganeshan has been confirmed as victim of the Brussels Terror Attack. The deadly terror blast took his life in Metro as he was going to his office. The Belgian and the Indian authorities have confirmed the death of the techie.

Infosys Techie Died

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Raghavendra who was in Brussels for last 4 years is survived by his wife and one month baby. The mortal remains of the body will be officially handed over to his family. His brother and parents are presently in Brussels who are hopping around to find their missing son. The most tragic part of the outcome is that he became a father a month ago and died because some people felt it is best to kill people as per their religious beliefs. His body is expected to be filed back to India.


Infosys Techie – How officials reached conclusion

There was a huge campaign for the missing employee of Infosys. The 12000 strong Indian Community in Belgium was trying everything to find him. However, the CCTV footage gave the idea. It showed that the Infosys Techie boarded the Metro even though he was running late. He stood at the corner of the Metro. The suicide bomber was standing next to him and then slightly moved to the most crowded area before the blast. His phone was not dead and was sending signals and thus the confusion over his whereabouts begun. After 7 days of search, the Infosys Techie has been declared victim of Brussels Attack. Incidentally, he called up his mother 30 minutes before the blast to India.