IndiavZimbabwe match has a terrible impact on the team, fans, and the coach. India defeated Zimbabwe in the second match and takes the series even before completing the 3 match ODI series. However, the disappointed performance has just shocked the team, interim coach Makhaya Ntini and fans as well.

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IndiavZimbabwe – Makhaya Ntini

The former South African bowler, Makhaya Ntini said that he almost hanged himself for the performance of the team. He said that team has enough experience and the performance is way too poor. The interim coach said that had there been a tomato tree, he would have hanged. He was furious and heart broken. He said that he was quite serious about taking the extreme step.

IndiavZimbabwe – Fans

There were very few fans turned up for the match in Harare. However, they showed their feelings with the placards. They were not only disappointed but were fuming against the non-performance of the team. The condition is even more serious because Zimbabwe is losing to a second string team of India and all the major players have been rested for this series apart from skipper MS Dhoni.

IndiavZimbabwe – Players

The players are obviously dejected but they sought support from the fans in the difficult time. They also want to perform but without the support of the people, they felt that it is difficult to achieve something on the ground.

Zimbabwe cricket is going through a tough phase and the management has to find some or the other ways to recover from the same.