India Vietnam friendship has previously acted his chilly to China and India is aggressively pursuing the same. The distance between New Delhi and Beijing is constantly increasing. China is blocking India’s way to NSG Group, blocking bid to designate Azhar Masood a Terrorist and virtually promoting Pakistan. India is on the other increasing its ties in China’s own background with Vietnam and Japan.

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India Vietnam relationship is set to increase further as India has offered to transfer the Akash, an indigenous surface to air missile to Vietnam. Akash is capable of intercepting in the range of 25 KMs and considering the ever hostile relationship between China and Vietnam, this move would further irk China.

Defence Minister Manohar Parikar said that Vietnam is a close friend and the talks are going in positive directions about it. India has already offered Brahmos to Vietnam and apart from it the Vietnam fighters will be trained in India for Sukhoi. India Vietnam Friendship is one of the most threatening sign for China as it continued to support Pakistan.

It is believed that the transferring of Aakash would be very easy as it is 96% indigenous. However, the Brahmos is made from Joint Venture with Russia and it has 60% Russia content and it may not be very smooth to transfer it to Vietnam.

India and Vietnam have already inked many deals and the bilateral relationships between the two countries are progressing at a rapid speed. The last visit to Vietnam of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has paved away huge bilateral relationships. The Chinese Media is yet to comment on the move. However, it is expected that China would again issue a threat to India and continue to block India’s progress.

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