India Team Head Coach – List of Applicants and Chances

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BCCI has updated that 57 applicants have applied for the post of Head Coach after the conclusion of the deadline. India Team Head Coach Job is vacant and all the former players and reputed coaches are thronging in for one of the best coach positions in the world. Many have accepted the fact that they have applied for the position but many have concealed the information. Here is the list of people who have applied for India Team Head Coach Job so far.

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India Team Head Coach Applicants

Ravi Shastri

He is the front runner for the head coach job. He has already managed the current group of players for more than one year and he is the race. He has already confirmed his participation and his international experience might help him to get the job too.

Venkatesh Prasad

The former Indian bowler and Indian Bowling Coach has applied for the Head Coach post with BCCI. Apart from coaching India for 2 years between 2007-09, he has also coached CSK and RCB in IPL.

Sandeep Patil

The current Chief of Selector is looking for his second stint. Sandeep Patil coached India in 1996 and has also coached Kenya in 2003 that reached the Semis. He has also confirmed his application.

Vikram Rathod

Vikram Rathod is in the selection committee and has played for India as well. Even though he has not confirmed his application but reports suggest he has filed or can file at any time for the post of Head Coach.


Balwinder Sandhu

He is another highly experienced coach and has experienced close to 25 years. He has coached Mumbai in past and is highly respected in the domestic circuit.

Pravin Amre

He is one of the most reputed coaches in domestic cricket and has decided to file for the India Head Coach Post as well as per the reports. The former Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Coach have trained many of the current batches of players in early career.

Lalchand Rajput

Former Manager of Indian Cricket Team under whom India won the 2007 T20 World Cup has also applied for the post. He has coached Mumbai team before and is known for his skills.

Robin Singh

The former Fielding Coach of India and former prolific Indian batsman, Robin Singh may also apply at any time for the job. He has also coached USA team in past and was involved with Mumbai Indians team in IPL.

Bharat Arun

The former bowling coach of India is also set to apply for the post. He has coached Tamil Nadu in past and is also the coach for bowling in RCB.

Heath Streak

The former Zimbabwe captain and coach of Bangladesh are reportedly applying for the post. He is also the bowling coach for Gujarat Lions in IPL and he now wants to get in to the role of India Team Head Coach job.

Stuart Law

Former Australian batsman has believed to be interested in the coaching job and has reportedly applied for the post. However, he has not made any statement on the same.

Jason Gillespie

The former Australian bowler and current Yorkshire coach is believed to be another high profile name suggested by the media. However, the man himself has later confirmed that he has not applied for India Team Head Coach.

The article was published on June 10 and has been updated on June 12.