India tagets Pakistan

India targets Pakistan and this time, it is loud and clear. According to official reports, India has asked the diplomats in Pakistan not to send to Islamabad schools. The majority of the diplomats kids study in the American School in Islamabad.

However, after accessing the situation, the foreign ministry has asked the diplomats to send their kids back to the country. However, they can even come back from their respective posts. This should also be applicable for all the diplomats seeking a position in Pakistan. In short, diplomats will not be allowed to travel with their kids to the neighboring country. However, spouses can stay together. This message has been loud and clear as India targets Pakistan over multiple issues.

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There are different reasons behind this build up. India targets Pakistan for multiple reasons from Kashmir to a diplomatic relationship that has taken a poor turn.


The Kashmir issue has made international headlines and Pakistan has not left any opportunity to grab news out of it. Pakistan and the UN recognized terrorists in Pakistan have declared militants as a hero and has encouraged violence in Kashmir. India has always maintained that Pakistan sponsor non-state terrorism across the border and has blamed it time and again for the Kashmir Dispute. The recent Kashmir violence which has claimed 47 lives so far has not gone too well with India.

POK Exercise

China has always sympathized Pakistan even though Pakistan hosts and sponsors the UN recognized militants and terrorists. The recent exercise of Pakistan Army and Chinese Army on the POK and China Border has sent the messages to India. India has already replied China by canceling visa of three state Journalists from China.

Pakistan Diplomats

Before India told diplomats to send back their kids, Pakistan has already told their diplomats the same. India has just reciprocated.


The growing Anti-India sentiments in Pakistan have created a major concern for the Indian nationals staying in Islamabad. Children can be an easy victim and thus government has ensured to take them back to the country.

India targets Pakistan but will it now take strict actions and measures? Will there be a pause to the peace talks? Will there be more such consequences? Well, none can predict this with the fragile Indo-Pak Relationship, but there is no “AMAN KI ASHA” or “Hope of Peace” so far.

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