India Surgical Strike on the other side of the LOC has been confirmed for the last night by DMGO and Defense Ministry. This was the first offensive act of India across the border after the Uri Attack. The DMGO claimed that significant damages have been done at the militant launch pads across the border.

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The DMGO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said that the details of Indian Surgical Strikes were shared with Pakistani Army as well and they hope for cooperation in fighting against Terrorism. The DMGO said that no causalities for the Indian Army caused the attack. However, several launch pads from where the militants were trying to infiltrate in India have been damaged. Many of the militants have been killed as well. The DMGO along with Vikash Swarup, Spokesperson of External Affairs Ministry told in a Joint Press Conference.

This was the first attack along with the LOC after 18 soldiers were martyred in Uri. The terrorists along the LOC try to infiltrate in the country and the DMGO said under no condition, it will be allowed. However, more details of the operation were not shared. The DMGO clarified that no further operation has been planned so far.
More details are still awaited as the DMGO shares the India surgical strike operation.

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