Source: HT

DRDO announced that India has successfully flight-tested HSTDV or Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle. The HSTDV is developed indigenously in India by DRDO or Defence Research and Development Organization.

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The vehicle was launched from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha. The vehicle is based on hypersonic propulsion technology. It basically works on the scramjet engines and achieves a speed of Mach 6. The scramjet engines are considered better than ramjet engines.

Source: HT

DRDO announced that the vehicle is capable of demonstrating high complex technology. The organization believes that it is just the building block for the next generation of Hypersonic vehicles. The HSTDV developed now can be used in partnership with the industry.

DRDO Chairman has congratulated the scientists, researchers, and other people who were involved in the project. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has also congratulated the DRDO for achieving this feat.

Source: HT

This further strengthens the national security of India. At a time when India faces border challenges from China and Pakistan, this could be big news for the country.

This is also a great push for the self-reliant India which the Prime Minister of India has spoken about. Recently, India banned the import of several defence equipments and asked the industries to develop at home.

India aims to develop defence manufacturing capabilities and grow indigenous weapons. However, India also importing weapons and defence equipment from countries like Russia, the US, Israel, France, and others. But recently, India has opted for the technology transfer and India-manufactured equipment clause for the imports as well.