India Smartphone market
Source - India Today

India Smartphone market has lived up to the expectations after the slow growth in the first quarter of this year. The Indian market is now the second-biggest market after China as the South Asian country toppled the United States. The analysts believe that the market would still be growing strong in coming times and has all the chances to come at par with China. The big changes in the Telecom market and the introduction of the 4G services have opened the floodgates for smartphones in India and thus the market has made an immense profit out of it. That’s not all that is fascinating about smartphones, there are more Smartphone statistics to learn about over on websites like for those who want to delve deeper. This current report was published by the Canalys.

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India Smartphone Market is continued to be dominated by the Chinese makers though. The top 5 positions held by the smartphone makers in India are Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and Lenovo. These five companies hold close one third market share of the country. Apple has shown immense progress in last few days as well. The India production Apple phones may, in turn, change the market favour for the premium smartphone makers in the country.

The Chinese companies, however, are seeing immense growth thanks to their cheap offers. Xiaomi has held on to the cheap smartphone market so well that it has toppled Samsung there. However, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and Lenovo make it count in the mid-range smartphones. The premium smartphone market is strongly held by Apple and Samsung. However, other companies like Oppo and One Plus are trying to make their smartphones count in that segment.

Alongside the rising market for smartphones is the market for the accessories, with consumers keen to get their hands on custom phone cases, charging cables, pop sockets and other items many phone users have become used to having around to keep their phones safe and operating.

With the introduction of the Jio Phone, the market is expected to expand even more. The purchase parity of India is still on the better side and that may push the market towards the brighter and better side.