India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and China's President Xi Jinping shake hands before they hold a meeting in Xian, in China's Shaanxi province, on May 14, 2015. Modi began a three-day trip to China on May 14 by inspecting the Terracotta Warriors as a festering border dispute colours relations between the Asian giants. AFP PHOTO / POOL / Kim Kyung-Hoon (Photo credit should read KIM KYUNG-HOON/AFP/Getty Images)

India Shows China the Exit Door – Indian external ministry officials informed that three Chinese Journalists were asked to leave India by 31st of July. The journalists were associated with Chinese Xinhua News agency. The step was taken after the Indian intelligence agencies reported that these Chinese journalists were detected to be overactive even after their office hours. Their activities have been spotted near few of the country’s confidential departments.

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India Shows China the Exit Door

Among the three Chinese Journalists, one is Wu Qiang who reports for the bureau for Xinhua in Delhi while Lu Tang and She Yonggang look after Mumbai division of Xinhua news agency. As per officials, Indian intelligence agencies were monitoring them for last few months and they have been spotted impersonating other people to access several restricted departments in Delhi and Mumbai with fake names and identity proofs.

Sources close to the external affair ministry claimed that due to their suspicious activity, the Indian government has decided to cancel their visa extension over security concerns. However, reports claim that these three Chinese Journalists were already overstayed their visa limit and have received several visa extinctions in past.

Officials revealed that Wu Qiang is working in India for Xinhua News agency for past six years with several visa extensions. Other two journalists were also given visa extensions many times. Speculations are rife that the three Journalists went to Bangalore to meet Tibetan activists which alerted the Indian intelligence agencies.

The latest development is also seen as India’s strong stance against China since China blocked India’s entry in Nuclear Suppliers Group last month. The POK Military Exercise between Pakistan and China have further fueled the relationship between the two countries.

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