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India Pakistan together? Well, that sounds creepy isn’t? But Piers Morgan has done something remarkable. Yes, his tweet on Olympics Medal that created a huge uproar in the social media has brought India Pakistan together as well.
Piers Morgan started a storm in the Social Media when he said that Indians are celebrating 2 Olympics Medals despite being the second most populated nation in the world. Many jumped in the Twitter War by trolling him. Former Cricketer Virendra Sehwag also tweeted him but the best came from one of the famous sport journalist of Pakistan.

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Mazher Arshad a Cricket Analyst and Journalist took a dig on Piers Morgan. Here is his tweet.

The response to this tweet was also encouraging for anyone who loves to see India Pakistan together. Those who dismissed his view were also on the side of the logic not because of Anti-India stand. There were many people from Pakistan who participated and enjoyed thoroughly. There were comments like the UK was sidelined. So, India and Pakistan came together to dismiss a tweet that was about the celebrations of the Olympic medals.
This is true that India and Pakistan both needs introspection when it comes to other sports apart from cricket. However, that does not mean that celebrations were wrong. India needs improvement like every other country but the celebrations should be at high in all situations.

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