IT Companies can have their own labour union as told by the Tamil Nadu Government. Tamil Nadu Labour Department has replied and said that It companies come under same Industry Dispute Act 1947. The labour department confirmed it in a letter to Union. It also directed that employees can form union in India even in the IT industries.

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Response of Union

Union has responded to this and told The Hindu that it was sort of clarification and it is known already. Referring to the Industry Dispute Act 1947, union said that it is not something new and all required was a clarification from the government. However, labour union did not reveal any plan for separate IT employees union.

IT Industries respond

Interestingly, it hasn’t really bothered the industry as well. The Hindu reported that the people from the industries said that the structure of the industry is different and the union can’t be effective. The report says that IT companies have different teams, leaders and managers and the employees travel across the world for project specific goals, hence the labour union can’t really be effective.
It has to be seen that any IT employees Labour Union in India is formed in the due course. However, the experts believe that this should not be the case.