India COVID19
Source: ANI

India COVID19 tally has now crossed Brazil. India becomes the second-worst impacted country in the world with cases 4.1 million next only to the USA. Even after announcing lockdown at an early stage, the cases continue to rise in India. Opposition parties have blamed the government for poor handling. However, is that the complete picture? Let’s understand why India COVID19 tally is still rising.


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The role of government is important. The Central Government needed to implement the lockdown carefully. However, the lockdown was announced almost at the correct time. There was hardly any choice to delay it. The testing at the initial stage was disastrous for India. It took time to increase the testing and thus contract tracing was impacted.

But State Governments India are equally responsible for the disaster. State Governments kept racing with each other to keep the number low. The testing was very poor. Politics around COVID19 made it even worse. By the time, they woke up, it was already too late. There was the only lockdown and the governments believed that it will erase the coronavirus existence. Had the states acted quickly on testing and quarantine, things would have been better.

Even now, when people are moving from one state to another, the contract tracing and the COVID19 tests management are poor. There is hardly anyone who is undergoing a test. The rule for mandatory testing and managing the results is missing. The governments need to facilitate the same. People returning from different countries are required to bring COVID19 Negative results. However, the results are hardly checked while boarding the flight. Many returnees have confirmed that the results were only seen after coming to India. The management is horrible and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.


Democracies around the world have a habit of throwing everything to the government. People are equally responsible for the high number of COVID19 in India. People do not adhere to the guidelines of the government. Many people forgo social distancing and don’t even wear masks. People are in denial mode of the threat of a pandemic. However, once contracted, they are quick to blame the government. Indians need to take responsibility to fight the pandemic. It is a battle of the people not only of the government.


India COVID19 testing has surpassed 1 million per day. This is a huge number and it keeps increasing. More cases are not a matter of worry rather a matter of better management. More tests are done, more people can be traced with the virus. India has a record of 90000+ cases on a single day, more than any other country. However, it gives the idea that people are being traced.


India is the second-largest Populus country in the world with a huge population density. It is always difficult to arrest growth. However, if people adhere to the government guidelines, there is a good chance, that India can still fight back its way in the near future.