India China LAC Clash
Source: Zee News

India China LAC Clash has remained heated for the last couple of months. Both the side are in eye-to-eye despite several talks. Practically, everything has failed to resolve the situation.

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But what next? China has come up with its own hybrid warfare. They are playing Punjabi Hits on loudspeakers. They are also playing a propaganda message to divert the Indian troops. The message includes that the troops will die in winter and leaders have just left them to die here. The report was carried out in CNN News 19 network.

China is known for its psychological warfare. However, the current propaganda messages and songs at the India China LAC clash is turning out as laughable for PLA.

The battle-hard army talks about strategy, but the Chinese Communist Party is relying on psychological warfare. This might not help them.

Indian soldiers are passionate army who put their lives at risk every day and it is a voluntary service in India. Soldiers go through tough training and life is never easy for a soldier in India.

However, PLA has a different approach. Most of the recruits in PLA are forced to join. The PLA generally displays strength to the citizen of the country to suppress them.

The warfare at India China LAC clash of PLA will never work. China needs to understand that the military strategizes and do not play songs to distract them.

Imagine, the US soldiers playing songs to distract the Taliban or ISIS.

PLA has created an image of invincible through PR, but the bubble is burst now and the Chinese Communist party stands exposed.