ITBP Soldiers
Source: TOI

India-China Border tension dynamics have changed dramatically over the last weeks. Indian security forces are now on the front foot to counter the nefarious expansionism of the Chinse Communist Party and PLA. ITBP or Indo-Tibetan Border Police has now moved to key dominating positions near the Black Top area. The ITBP can now oversee the Chinese activities from the Line of Actual Control in the Eastern Ladakh.

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According to the Times of India, ITBP soldiers have now moved through the Phurchuk La Pass. This is located at around 4994 meters from sea level. The new positions were left unoccupied before now. Indo-Tibetan Border Police now has moved close to the Yellow Bump area. The positions of Indo-Tibetan Border Police was present only in the Finger II and Finger III area before near the Dhan Singh Post.

ITBP in key positions

Indo-Tibetan Border Police IG MS Rawat told TOI that this is the first time Indo-Tibetan Border Police soldiers are present in dominating numbers in the key heights. ITBP had a sensitization camp as well for the soldiers. Indo-Tibetan Border Police, BRO and Government are looking to construct a road between the border outpost and the thrust. There are now 39 permanent positions of Indo-Tibetan Border Police along the LAC now. The officials said that the Indian borders are fortified by the forces. The forces are present in a good number near the Chushul and Tara border. More companies are being airlifted as well.

This comes after the Indian Army and Special Frontier Force claimed key positions along the LAC in a new twist to India-China border tension. The Army and SFF along with ITBP now hold key positions in Black Top, Helmet Top, and Yellow Bump area. The activities of PLA near the Post 42830, Digging Area, and Chuti Chamla are overseen now from these tops. Reinforcement is underway to the key positions to hold dominance in the disputed area.

The Indian security forces have used major offensive posture in years after the Chinese PLA tried intruding in the Indian territory. Chinese Defence Minister is set to meet the Indian Defence Minister in Moscow to discuss the ongoing tensions.