India Captures Chinese Camp
Source: Prakash Singh/AFP

India captures Chinese camp in Ladakh as per the reports carried out by the Telegraph. The camp was captured after the Indian army fending off the PLA who allegedly tried to capture Indian territory in the Ladakh region.

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The expansionist Chinese Communist Party and PLA tried to capture Indian lands in Ladakh on the intervening night of August 29-August 30. Around 500 Chinese PLA troops tried to sneak into Indian territory to capture Indian land. This attempt was made when the Chinese military officials kept India busy with dialogues. However, the Indian Army was on high alert and chased the Chinese away after three-hours hand to hand combat.

Chinese PLA has always adopted the mechanism. They try to engage others in dialogue and sneak into the territories to capture. However, the Indian Army is aware of the evil intentions of the Chinese military and the communist party. After the attempt was made in the Spanggur area, a narrow valley near Chushul village, a retaliation was made by the Indian soldiers.

India captures Chinese camp

As per the reports, the special operations forces have seized a strategical Chinese camp in the surrounding hills of Pangong Tso Lake in the early hours of Monday.

Indian government called out the provocative military movements of the Chinese PLA in Ladakh. China has already encroached disputed territory in the LAC.

Chinese Foreign Ministry has refused the claims of India and instead accused India of occupying its territory. In a statement, the Chinese foreign ministry said that India’s move has violated Chinese territorial sovereignty and stability of the Sino-India border area. China strongly opposed this said Zhang Shuili, a spokesperson of PLA Western Theatre Command.

Further, he warned India to withdraw troops and restrain from front line troops to avoid further escalation.

India has reiterated its commitment to resolve through dialogue but warned that the country is capable to protest territorial integrity and sovereignty.

After the Galwan Valley incident where 20 Indian soldiers martyred and reportedly 40 Chinese soldiers were killed, China remained calm. Sino-India military leadership is still engaged to de-escalate the situation. However, China as usual opened another front to capture Indian territory. However, the Indian Army was ready this time.

So far weapons are not used in Indo-China border clashes after the ceasefire of 1962.