MS Dhoni was marvellous at the field for IndvsBan game and his nerves and composure gave India a 1 run win against Bangladesh. After India recorded a win against Bangladesh in a super thrilling match, Indian Captain M.S Dhoni lashed out at a journalist during the post-match press conference. Soon after the match finished, the Indian skipper entered the conference with a good mood. However, he got furious at a question asked by one of the journalists present there.

MS Dhoni Post Match Conference

On being asked, if he was happy with only one run win against the relatively weaker team like Bangladesh, Captain cool M.S Dhoni got infuriated. The journalist also questioned that if the skipper is satisfied with the team’s performance, keeping in mind that in India vs Bangladesh match, India needed to improve their net run rate for increasing their chances of entering semi-finals. As soon as the question was raised Dhoni got angry and said, “I know that you are not happy with the country’s win against Bangladesh”.
Looking at the mood of the Indian skipper, the journalist tried to clarify the question, but Dhoni was not in the mood to entertain further. Captain M.S Dhoni added, “After listing to your tone, it is clearly visible that you are not happy with today’s win”. He also added that cricket matches are not based on scripts.
Dhoni further advised the journalist and said firmly that “once we lost the toss, you need to analyse that why we could not make plenty of runs on that wicket. Sitting outside if you cannot analyse such things then you should not ask such questions.”
India yesterday managed to pull off the match against Bangladesh brilliantly and kept the hopes of entering into semis alive. Initially, the team looked little down defending 146 runs, but the team managed to turn the game in last 2 overs  and restricted Bangladesh to 145 runs, recording one run victory against the opponent.