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Income Tax Department has changed the date to August 5, 2017. So, you have time.


The income Tax Return date was set at July 31, Monday. Amid confusions, rumours, and misinformation, the Income Tax Department has ensured that the last date for the e-file has not been extended. The Last date for the Income Tax Return is still the 31st July 2017. So, in case, you have received any information that says that the last date has been extended through social media or chat messages, ensure you do not follow it.

The Income Tax Department clarified that there has been no hiccup in the process so far. Even though there were some reports of the site under maintenance for few days, but the issues have been fixed and everything seems to be in order. So, whosoever has not done the ITR so far must do it immediately.

What You have to do?

All you have to do is to fill the e-file of your income tax and ensure that all your income has been correctly declared as per the Form 16 and Form 16 A. You must also include the other income and other forms that are available from your bank like Form 26AS, TDS Certificates, and others. All the deductions should be properly mentioned and verified.

E-File is not E-Verify

There are two stages of Income Tax Return, one E-File and other E-Verify. It is very important to understand that both the processes are different. Once you file it, you can verify it. There are various websites that offer free guidance to e-file the return. However, you can always visit the for e-file.