Anti-Shia Protest in Karachi
Source: Twitter

Thousands of people took the street of Karachi in Pakistan in Anti-Shia demonstration.

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Pakistan fears sectarian violence after massive scale protest after at least 30000 people took the street.

Soon after #ShiaGenocide began trending in Pakistan on Twitter

Protestors raising slogans, ‘Shias are Kaffir’ (Disbelievers).

Sunny Majority Pakistan often target other Muslim sects like Shia and Ahmedias.

The protestors accused Shia leaders of blasphemy.

Shia leaders allegedly made disparaging comments against Islam during Ashura procession in August.

Reports of attacks on Shia Muslims since the Ashura procession are widespread in Pakistan.

They are attacked for reciting religious scriptures and participating in the procession.

Activists said that the terrorists backed by the Pakistan government often ask to kill the Shias.

One activist, named Afreen said Pakistan government has allowed known terrorists and hardliners for anti-Shia rhetoric.

Shia commemorate Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, who was killed at the battle of Karbala in 680 AD.

The Shia and Sunny sect started after this incident.