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Esha Gupta came silently in the movie industry with Jannat 2 from the world of modelling. Since then she has caught eyes of everyone for some or the other reasons. Yes, the first time she got her attention for striking similarities with Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. She was even called as the Angelina of Bollywood. However, she made her presence felt in every opportunity she had. Whenever she has walked in the red carpet, she ensured that the party gets hotter.

Well, her dressing and fashion are not unknown to her fans and people. But she took things on her own hand and redefined hotness a few days back. The sizzling Esha Gupta shared some scintillating photos on her Instagram account and became a sensation overnight. She made things so hot that even the fans could not handle it. Whether it is topless, backless or whatever possible, she gave Bollywood a series of photos that would be ever remembered as the hottest photo shoot ever.

She was recently seen in the movie Baadsahoo along with Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmi, and Illeana D’Cruz. The movie did quite well at the Box Office and the critics were impressed with her performance as well.

Here are the Esha Gupta hottest photos and this is why she is called as the hottest in the Bollywood.