Louisiana brave nurses
Source: CNN

Hurricane Laura ravaged Louisiana and part of Texas last Thursday. The devastating hurricane killed at least 14 people and damaged millions worth of properties. People were left without electricity and houses were ravaged. However, amidst all these, you will find stories that would make you proud of humanity. It is rare to find news that makes you smile these days. But that news does exist. Here is one of them.

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When Louisiana was battling, few nurses were also fighting for some other cause. Staff at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Lake Charles Hospital in Louisiana stayed put even during the devastating category 4 storms to take care of the babies.

The team had a total of 19 babies to look after. Most of the babies were born prematurely. However, they could not be evacuated due to the medical machinery required for their breathing. In order to save them, a doctor, 14 nurses, 2 neonatal nurses, and 3 respiratory practitioners stayed put, reported CNN.

The nurses took turn to sleep to take care of the babies. Dr. Bossano

They endured the night of hell. The air-condition fell off. The water was cut out, but everyone managed to pull through. The babies were safe and healthy.

The shared that the babies were doing well. However, the doctor wanted to share the story of the bravery of the nurses. They risked their lives to save newborn babies.

Dr. Bossano later said that all the 19 babies are transferred. The staff of the hospital cheered them for their bravery the next morning.

The Hurricane Laura was devastating the town of Lake Charles, but heroes were protecting the babies. Since their story has been told other hospitals have also shared it.

It is often said the medical warriors are heroes. They have proven all and again. Whether it is a pandemic or category 4 storm, nothing can break the strength of these fighters.