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Hurricane Harvey in Texas has left at least 3 dead by now and much more homeless. At first, it was assumed that the extent of the damage would only require a bit of restoration and construction to a handful of the worst affected homes, but thanks to the flooding, all the houses are now slowly getting filled with flood water and the situation is just going to be worse. One of the rarest Hurricane Harvey made landfall to the Gulf Coast of Texas and left many injured. However, the heavy unprecedented rainfall triggered the flash flood. It is affected many homes so when the water levels return to normal many people will have to start talking to Ada Roofing Company to figure out how they can repair their homes’ roofs. There is no respite for the people of Texas at least for some time as the rain is likely to continue. So far, an estimated 51 inches of rainfall has been witnessed in the region.

It is still not sure how many people are trapped in the flood. However, the emergency service is receiving a high volume of rescue help calls. The team is rushing to help people. The structures are damaged and will need seeing to by a company that deals with Water Damage and Roofing of Lakeway and other regions, the roads are also damaged at many places, report the local media. However, the condition is worsening and the remote area of the Texas Coast may get hit because of the flash flood. However, the authorities are releasing cautions and messages in order to ensure the safety of the people. More rain is expected in coming time and the flood may just increase.

People have been told not to drive on roads. There have been requests to take shelter if possible and call when it is very urgent. This has been done in order to attend more people who are in dire need.

The Category 4 Hurricane Harvey in Texas has caused havoc torrential rain. As a result of this water damage and heavy wind, there have been major power shortages. Many people choose to use generators such as the duromax xp12000eh generator in the event of losing power. This way, many households are able to carry on during the storm. The authorities have also informed that the water level of the rivers is above the danger level and the banks can soon get flooded. The flood situation is worsening and people of Texas need to stay strong with this fight against nature. The Transportation services have been closed as of now.

The Hurricane Harvey in Texas has however not left the state entirely. The high speed of wind was witnessed in Houston. According to the weather reports, San Antonio and Victoria may witness the high-speed wind as well on Sunday and Monday. However, the track of the storm may change as it evolves continuously.

Rockport has suffered huge losses due to the storm. The damaged structures in Rockport have indicated many about the strength of the storm. The worry is not yet over, but people must stay strong and together to overcome the flood and the hurricane.

Here are some of the photos from the Hurricane Harvey in Texas that will give you some idea about the devastation of the flood.

Donald Trump, President of USA has already praised the rescue work and termed it as Team Work.