Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis is now often missing the headlines. Media attention defines how the world is seen. But what at the end do we see? Well, let’s try to understand what have we got for 2020. This is the year that was obviously covered with COVID19 news. It started with updates, symptoms, and everything else related to the coronavirus.

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However, there was so many other news that received attention. The Black Lives Matter protest obviously got huge media attention. The Eurovision Song Contest, Kanye West’s presidency bid, PlayStation 5 Launch, etc.

So, did we miss out? Severe humanitarian crisis throughout the world. Yes, apart from the COVID19. For many people, COVID19 was just another crisis they were dealing with.

The violence in Guatemala, Hunger in Madagascar, and Natural Disasters in Papua New Guinea are a few of the common crisis that was ignored. In fact, Eurovision and Kanye West received 10 times more coverage than these crises.

Apart from these, there were reports of violence and conflict in Burundi, CAR, and Mali as well. There was hunger reporting from Zambia as well. The climate concerns were high in Malawi among all others.

These all reports came in the Care’s list.

Some might say, what’s the problem with underreporting.

Care’s humanitarian advocacy coordinator and UN representative Delphine Pinault said,

“Covid-19 has shown us that humanitarian crises can occur anywhere, but for so many people, especially women and girls, Covid-19 is just another threat on top of what they must face already.”

He said that the crises that started well before COVID19 must not be ignored either.

The world’s attention is required to save people. There are lots of Humanitarian crises going on in the world and an estimated 235 million people are expected to need humanitarian need this year, more than 40% from 2020, as per the UN.

In the case of under-reporting and turning a blind eye, the crises would further deepen.