Jacinda Ardern
Source: Reuters

A massive crowd rallied as an Anti-Lockdown protest in New Zealand on Saturday morning today, Reuters reported. The crowd protested against the government for imposing social distancing rules in Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand. The lockdown was imposed after the second wave hit the city last month.

Anti-Lockdown Protest in New Zealand

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Reuters reported that the local television footage showed tightly packed crowds, most of them without masks protesting against the government. The estimated figure could be between a thousand to a few thousand.

Jami-Lee Ross, the Advanced New Zealand Party leader, quoted saying,

“We are all here today because we believe we need to stand up for our rights. We’re all here today because we believe it’s time to stand up and say. We need to get our rights and freedoms back.”

There is no report of arrest so far.

New Zealand has been praised for effectively controlling the coronavirus. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was hailed for her leadership. However, things changed when the second wave COVID19 outbreak was reported. New Zealand confirmed community transmission after 103 days. Auckland was placed under lockdown immediately thereafter.

The city is under 2.5 level warning, meaning no more than 10 people can gather together.  Masks are also mandatory across the country in public transport in New Zealand.

The island country has five million population and has so far done a good job. The country has a total of infected people just less than  1800.

However, the protest has significant importance in New Zealand politics. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern faces election for the top post in October this year.