Hubert Victor Whitsey
Source: Daily Mail

Hubert Victor Whitsey, a former Bishop abused sexually abused 18 victims using his power and position in the Church.  A report has found that the former Bishop of Chester, Hubert Victor Whitsey, abused at least 18 people between 1966 to 1981.

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He targeted allegedly children and vulnerable adults. Life became even difficult for them due to the poor response of church officers.

All the disclosures of the victims were mishandled by the Church of England officials till 2012, as per the independent investigation.

Whitsey died in 1987 ensured he groomed his victims and often their families to carry out the abuse. The report was carried out by retired judge David Pearl and Kate Wood, a former detective with the Sussex Police.

Both of them said that their report will make the church deeply uncomfortable.

Their statement said,

‘He used his position in the church to abuse both prospective ordinands and children and young persons, many of whom were particularly vulnerable as they were experiencing personal family difficulties, such as the death or departure of a parent.’

Whitsey was ordained in the Diocese of Blackburn in 1949. He was a priest in the Diocese of Manchester and the Diocese of Blackburn between 1955 to 1968.

He was then appointed suffragan Bishop of Hertford in the Diocese of St Albans in 1971 and then Bishop of Chester in 1974 till his retirement in 1982.  However, he continued to officiate the Diocese of Blackburn until his death in 1987.

Mark Tanner, the current Bishop of Chester said he felt horror and shame.

In a statement he said,

‘Our apologies, which are freely and sincerely given, must be backed up by action. I am grateful to all those who have already helped us start to change, to Judge Pearl for this report, and most of all to the incredibly brave survivors who have spoken up and made us listen,’ reported Daily Mail.

Previously, former Bishop Peter Ball was jailed for 32 months in 2015 for sexual abuse of male children for over 30 years.