Source: Science Advances (Tom Dillehay)

Earliest American traces have been found in the Huaca Prieta as per the Science Mag journal. The ceremonial structure of Peru started around 7800 years ago. However, that does not really tell the entire story of the mound. According to the scientists and archaeologists, the mystery resides beneath it. Tom Dillehay, the archaeologist who led the study said that the Huaca Prieta is one of the oldest man made architecture in the American region. However, the research has some other things to say.

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As the excavation and the research began, the prime focus was Huaca Prieta in Peru. But the geologists were keen to dig down and they finally reached the deepest pit that was around 31 meters. The archaeologist said that it took around 5 years to excavate the same. However, the results were shocking, mysterious and of course encouraging about the human existence in America. The stone tools, animals bones, hearth fires and the plant remains have clearly pointed towards the human occupation. As per the study that could be as early as 15000 years ago. This has raised many questions about the human migration about the earliest Americans.

There are theories that the Americans moved from the Serbian area through the ice-free passage of Alaska and Canada of present days. However, the recent evidences of human occupation in the American region have cast doubts on it. It was believed that human migration took place in American region around 13000 years ago when the ice-free passage existed. However, the Monte Verde of Chile has provided enough evidences to believe that man reached American region around 14500 years ago. The same has been indicated by the Huaca Prieta now. However, Science Advances notes that there was no Ice-Free passage and the route that was possible for the man to make it to America was Pacific Coast.

Well, the migration theory has stopped there because of lack of evidence. However, the new study has knocked the doors of the scientists even harder and may be in future the exact history of the earliest Americans will be known to the people.
Source: Science Advances