Hrithik Roshan fan of Dipa Karmakar and he has said that after the marvelous feat of the Indian Olympian in the just concluded Rio Olympics 2016. However, something came as a surprise for the fans, especially Dipa Karmakar.

Let’s go back to the issue first. HT reported that insiders said, Dipa Karmakar is a big fan of Hrithik Roshan. She is a fan of his dance moves and she is also planning to watch his Mohenjodaro. That was enough for HT to contact the Greek God of Bollywood. However, the response they got is amazing, charming and heart touching.

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Hrithik Roshan fan of Dipa Karmakar, by now everyone, might have witnessed that on Twitter. However, when HT told Hrithik that Dipa is his fan, he was quick to answer. He said that he is honored but the fact is he is an even bigger fan of Dipa Karmakar.

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Hrithik was bowled with the spirit, enthusiasm and passion of Dipa who finished fourth in the Olympic in Gymnastic, best by anyone for India in this category. She also performed one of the toughest vault, Produnova, also called as a vault of death with ease and comfort. Hrithik Roshan fan of Dipa Karmakar, in fact, bigger than one would expect concluded the Mohenjodaro star.

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