Hostile Neighbours of India – Why China is higher in the list than Pakistan

India is full of hostile neighbours and China and Pakistan are definitely the top 2 names. However, Pakistan is a known hostile and there is a mutual difference with the country. However, it would be wrong to say that this is the thinking of the people across the borders but definitely the take of the Government. There is a hostile relationship especially when the border activities are concerned. Intruders and Terrorism are the most common things that Pakistan exports to India illegally. Despite that, China is higher in the position that Pakistan.

Why China is hostile

China has never accepted the fact that their growth can be equaled or even challenged by India. There are territorial disputes with China and they have hardly bothered about the considerations of both the countries. However, considering, the lack of democracy in China, this can be accepted. However, China has a long-standing issue with India over Dalai Lama, Sikkim, Mansarovar, Tibet and many others. The Dragons are still under the misconception that it is 1962. The battle of India and China in 1962 had an impact on both the countries. China believes that it is still mightier and India has strengthened the power ever since.

The recent incidents when China blocked the pilgrims to enter the Mansarovar, shows they love to tease Indians. Soon after they entered the Sikkim border and then reportedly destroyed the bunkers to send signals that they are one of the hostile neighbours of India if not an enemy. The incidents when they do not give the citizen of Arunachal Visa considering they are Chinese are other incidents that China cannot handle India’s progression. As India signed the Drone contracts with the United States, China reportedly expressed displeasure and the Mansarovar and Sikkim incidents are the reflection of it.

The trade between India and China has however never impacted. But the hostilities from the Dragon country has refused to die down.