In a horrifying incident a father drops son in burning coal as he was walking on it. The incident took place in Jalandhar , Punjab. In an ancient ritual the family reached the spot where the worshippers reached for Maa Maariamma. As the father walking on the burning coal with naked foot, he lost his balance. The young boy hardly aged between 9-12 years was screaming in pain and burn injuries. The bystanders rushed to rescue the kid but his family stood unfazed and unmoved. The family members said that they have faith in God and the child will be healed by the almighty.

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Father drops son in burning coal

The father drops son in burning coal and the son fell on his back. The bystanders however rushed him to the hospital. He has suffered burn injuries and the doctor said that the it will take at least a week to recover. The father of the son has also received significant burn injuries.

The ancient tradition in Jalandhar has remained in the centre of controversy for walking bare footed on burning coal. Several devotees gathered here for walking barefoot on coal after fasting for seven days to please the goddess. Last year, a mother slipped her daughter on the same ritual and attracted media attention.